The Board have many responsibilities including to:

  • Agree and work towards KAL's Vision of "Helping more people, become more active, more often"
  • Work with the Chief Executive and the Strategic Leadership Team, to make strategic policy and planning decisions
  • Develop effective policies for KAL, that reflect current good practice
  • Approve and monitor KAL's various activities and initiatives
  • Ensure adequate financial resources are available
  • Provide effective strategic governance of the Trust, including proactive risk management
  • Act as strong advocates for KAL, positively promoting the work of the Trust wherever possible
  • Recruit new Trustees where necessary and ensuring that they are properly inducted into their role
  • Be responsible for ensuring that KAL operates in an environment where effective health & safety management is a priority
  • Select a Chief Executive where necessary and objectively reviewing their performance on a regular basis
  • Ensure that KAL operates as a responsible and good employer
  • Understand the relationship between the KAL Board and the staff of the Trust and their respective roles

The KAL Board’s commitment towards being demographically representative.

KAL prides itself on providing good quality local leisure services to the whole community, with everyone welcome to come and make use of our sites no matter which demographic group customers belong to.

The KAL Board of Trustees is committed to also being able to appreciate the views of the wider Kirklees community and ensure that the services and facilities KAL provides can be used by everyone.

To help the KAL Board achieve this, the Board commits to:

  • Undertaking diversity awareness training at Board level on a regular basis;
  • Proactively and openly promoting any Trustee vacancies that arise to try to encourage applicants from across the Kirklees community and the various demographic groups this community includes;
  • Specifically seek applicants for vacant Trustee positions from any under-represented local demographic groups;
  • Supporting potential Trustee applicants to apply to join the Board where necessary.

The KAL Board meets every two months.

A number of Board sub groups are also in place, to consider key aspects of the Trust, as follows:
- KAL Audit Committee
- KAL Health & Safety Sub Group
- KAL People First Sub Group
- KAL Strategic Development Sub Group

Kirklees Active Leisure Trading (KALT) Limited: a separate company, established as a trading subsidiary responsible for the more commercial aspects of KAL's operation.

Kirklees Active Leisure is a charitable trust limited by guarantee.
Registered Office: Stadium Business & Leisure Complex, Stadium Way, Huddersfield, HD1 6PG.
Charity No. 1091226, Company No. 4331165