Liam gains control of his stammer

You may of already read Liam's recent story in the Huddersfield Examiner. The piece was about how Liam Pogson, KAL Fitness Instructor has gained control of his stammer through an intense speech therapy programme as well as raising awareness for the condition and promoting the recent ITV documentary,  “school for stammerers” regarding the McGuire Programme.

Liam Pogson has had a stammer ever since the age of three and it has prevented Liam from doing a lot of things growing up, which involved speaking. It was only since he went on the McGuire Programme that he started to use the phone. School and College presentations were all done as word documents, and there were times that Liams speech got so bad that he could not order a drink at the bar. All of the things that fluent speakers take for granted Liam struggled with. Liam enrolled on The McGuire Programme in 2011 and soon learned how to control his stammer. Since the course Liam has been able to be the person that he has always wanted to be and it really has been life changing. He said: “I have achieved things that I would never have dreamed of doing, such as newspaper/ radio interviews, talks at schools and other organisations. It has not been all plain sailing, for a period of time I concentrated heavily on competing in bodybuilding and let my speech slip back to how it was before, but I went back on to the programme late last year and since then I have been working hard on my speech everyday and have regained the control I had before I let it slip. There is no cure for stammering, but at least now I know how to remain in control of my speech and I know there is always somebody I can call on the programme if I do go through a challenging period with my speech.”

KAL would like to say a huge well done to Liam as we are all very proud of what you have achieved!


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