KAL Newsletter - Week 9 - Wellbeing

5 ways to wellbeing


This week we have some more small ideas you can try each day to integrate the 5 ways to wellbeing into your week.


Monday (Connect) – Tag a friend


If you haven’t spoken to someone for a long time it can be hard to know where to start or what to say. However getting in touch with people can be really beneficial to both of you.

Why not simply tag them in a post you like on Facebookm to break the ice?


Tuesday (Get Active) – 10 today


By now you’ll know how important we think keeping active during this time is and we have been working to bring you a variety of ways you can do this on both our KAL Fitness Facebook page & KAL Wellbeing Facebook page.


If you’re new to exercise or looking for a way to keep moving in a low intensity way then these 10 today workouts from the BBC may perfect for you.


Wednesday (Give) – Do something good today


Get out in the garden can be really rewarding, especially when you can sit in it afterwards & admire your work.


If you don’t have a garden, consider creating a flower box for your balcony or windowsill.


Whether you’re naturally green fingered or not, here is a list of jobs you can be doing throughout May;


Feed fruit trees with a potash fertiliser.


· Plant summer fruiting raspberry canes.


· Hard prune dogwood/cornus stems every other year. This will ensure straight, upright, brightly coloured stems. Use the pruning’s as hardwood cuttings. Cut into 8inch lengths, trim the bottom at a 45 degree angle and the top straight across, so you know which way up it should be planted. Push the stems into an empty space in the border.


· Prune summer-flowering clematis before they start producing new growth

· Wash any used pots and seed trays, ready to be used for seed sowing

· Apply fertilizer containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus around trees, fruit bushes and shrubs

· If you are ordering seeds or plugs from mail-order companies, you'll need to get your order in soon

· Start off seed potatoes, standing them in seed trays with eyes uppermost


Here’s a short video on how to make your own seed potato sets


Thursday (Keep Learning) - #ThisIsPE


#ThisIsPE is designed to support parents and teachers to educate and entertain primary school children at home during the school closures. There are a lot of high-profile exercise videos available, but far less genuine physical education.


Each #ThisIsPE activity is designed to be fun, replicable at home, and can be done with things you can find around the house. All videos come from current PE teachers, or PE teachers now working elsewhere in the sector.


This is PE is free to use to help you deliver specific PE sessions at home with the kids from Yorkshire Sport.


Lets try some balloon blasting


Friday (Take Notice) – Low mood helper


Feeling low? or just a little lonely without friends or family? That’s completely understandable!


Here are some great tips to help lift that mood and keep you busy.

Here is our weekly plan with more ideas of how you can incorporate the 5 ways to wellbeing into your week

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